Drug Crimes

By the water in Charlestown


Patricia B. Fitzgerald, Chief
Phone: 410-996-5335


Cecil County Drug Task Force

The Drug Crimes Unit vigorously prosecutes felony repeat drug offenders, fentanyl, heroin, and methamphetamine dealers connected to overdose deaths, and members of drug distribution organizations. Prosecutors work closely with specialized local agencies, such as the Cecil County Drug Task Force (CCDTF), and federal law enforcement agencies to target drug dealers. The primary contributor of drug crimes is The Opioid Crisis. In addition, Cecil County’s geographic location at the intersection of three states and three cities bisected by I-95 contribute to making this area a prime location for drug trafficking. The Drug Crimes Unit also recognizes the need and importance of treatment for those with substance abuse disorder. The Office participates in the Cecil County Circuit and District Court Drug Court programs.

To report suspicious drug activity, contact the Cecil County Drug Task Force tipline at 443-350-9125.