Special Prosecutions

The Special Prosecutions Unit prosecutes cases involving juveniles and violations of probation, and is an active participant in the Cecil County Circuit and District Court Adult Drug Court programs.

Juvenile division

The Juvenile Division prosecutes individuals under the age of eighteen who have committed delinquent acts which would be considered criminal offenses if committed by adults. The Court can maintain jurisdiction over a juvenile matter until the person reaches the age of twenty-one. In serious offenses, an offender under the age of eighteen can be charged as an adult in criminal court. The prosecutor works closely with law enforcement, the Department of Juvenile Services (DJS), community partners, and victims and their families to resolve cases. Charges are filed as seen fit based on referrals made by law enforcement and DJS. Cases are heard in the Juvenile Court for Cecil County by Judges only, as there are no jury trials in this particular court. The Judge determines whether or not the juvenile is responsible for the offense(s) charged and whether they are in need of the Court’s guidance and supervision.

drug court division

The Drug Court Division participates in the Adult Drug Court treatment programs as a member of the Adult Drug Treatment team, which is a division of the post-plea diversion program. The prosecutor serves on a team including the Drug Court Judge, case managers, probation agents, Community Corrections, and health service providers. This program supports the recovery and rehabilitation efforts by defendants with substance abuse issues in this intensive and structured program.

violation of probation division

The Violation of Probation Division oversees the prosecution of defendants who have violated their probation terms that are ordered as a part of their sentence in misdemeanor or felony cases. The prosecutor works closely with law enforcement and agents from the Department of Parole and Probation (DPP) to hold defendants accountable for violating probationary conditions. The Office of the State’s Attorney takes these violations seriously and seeks the appropriate sanction or remedy when defendants have failed to obey all of their probation conditions.