Special Victims

The Special Victims Unit is responsible for the prosecution of all physical and sexual child abuse, Internet crimes against children, child abduction, sexual assaults, elder abuse, domestic violence, and felony animal abuse cases.

The Special Victims Unit works in conjunction with the Cecil County Child Advocacy Center employing the multi-disciplinary team-approach to the investigation and prosecution of child sexual abuse, serious physical abuse, and child exploitation. The Special Victims Unit prosecutors also partner with law enforcement, Child Protective Services, medical professionals, and mental health providers. This partnership of professionals investigates allegations of child abuse and coordinates services for children and families. The multi-disciplinary team-approach reduces the impact of trauma on victims and families, while increasing access to child and family advocates, medical and mental health evaluations and treatment, and the criminal justice system.

The Special Victims Unit takes seriously the crimes of domestic and intimate partner violence. Prosecutors work hand-in-hand with The Bridge, Cecil County’s Domestic Violence/Rape Crisis Center, to better serve victims from the initial call for help through trial and sentencing. The Special Victims Unit partners with law enforcement and community agencies to offer a common-sense approach to investigations in domestic violence cases and sensitivity for victims and their families.